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Whenever Patricia she treats me I can completely relax. She is an excellent and caring therapist who listens to both you and your body. I have referred many of my own clients and friends to her for treatment knowing that she will address their chief complaints and give great home care advice. ~JoAnn L Alafriz, RAc~


I’ve had a few Thai massages with Patricia and she always takes time to check in with me before each session begins. She checks to understand how I’m doing physically, mentally and emotionally. And, she really listens and pays attention to my needs. Because of her caring, loving energy and touch, I feel more relaxed after each session. I recommended you to try out Patricia’s massage and see for yourself!  ~Amanda Trinh, Yoga instructor & Thai massage practitioner~


With her background in Reiki and Yoga Instruction, Patricia bring many tools to her treatments and one feels that they are not just getting a Thai Massage, put something much more. She has a gentle and caring approach and I have left her sessions feeling nourished in both body and soul. ~Stephanie Campbell, R. Ac., acupuncture. shiatsu. craniosacral therapy~


Patricia is a very dedicated body movement specialist and has been working with me for 5 years to regain the range of motion that I have lost by sitting at a desk all day. In a short period of time, through various disciplines, she was able to cure my chronic back pain. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to change their lifestyle and “free” their aging joints. ~Rickard Munday, President & CEO~