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Appreciate, Breathe, Move & Live Better In Your Body!

As always with any modality, what happens during your session is for you. You are here to find balance and harmony in your own body.

Privates: Sessions are based on what is discovered during a client’s initial consultation. Individualized sessions are created and designed to make the practice accessible to every body and are a wonderful way for clients to explore.

Yoga Therapy: Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals or small groups. It empowers individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.

Corporate Yoga: Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to inspire a better day, improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group. Yoga can be an energizing start to the day, a welcome break to a busy work day or a relaxing way to de-stress at the end of the day. Benefits for:

  • Businesses: Increased productivity, decreased health care premiums, reduced staff turnover, reduced employee absenteeism, higher job satisfaction amongst employees, more respect for senior management of companies, more attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company.
  • Employees: Reduced stress, tension, anxiety & depression, increased energy and decreased fatigue, improved memory, focus and concentration, stronger muscles and increased flexibility, improved posture and flexibility, improved overall physical and mental health, reduced risk for diseases.

Cupping Therapy: Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. The cups used are glass, silicone & plastic.

Reiki: Reiki healing is a pure energy form, is excellent for healing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual issues of any kind & it gives wonderful results. Reiki is an holistic, non-invasive healing system.

Reiki & Crystal Healing: The use of crystals in combination with the channeling of Reiki (healing energies) to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki & Restorative Yoga: The use of restorative yoga in combination with the channeling of Reiki (healing energies) to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the mind, body and spirit.

Bigger Bodies: An individual’s opportunity to experience the benefits of an asana practice should not be limited by their ability, shape or size; classes should be supportive (safe and appropriate modifications) to embrace the needs of all students. Everyone should enjoy a positive, safe, dynamic and welcoming experience and the healing benefits of yoga.

Pilates: Moves require you to engage your whole body. It is all about concentration and breathing where quality of movement is stressed over quantity of movement. Pilates improves flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and teaches body awareness, strength, muscular endurance, good posture, easy and graceful movement.

Pre-Natal Yoga: Women have an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of birth. Through yoga postures, guided relaxation and breath awareness you will prepare your body and mind for birth, and at the same time relieve the challenges associated with pregnancy and postpartum recuperation. This is a time for you to find peace and ease as you journey through this magical time; a time to celebrate and connect with the glorious changes happening within your life. These classes allow you the opportunity to be part of a safe, open community, which allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.

Restorative Yoga: Provides healing for the body and the mind. It is the centering of your breath and body – aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement. Restorative yoga is still and slow, and it’s as much or more about the mind as it is the body. Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body.

Yin Yoga: Cultivates awareness of inner silence and is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga. Yin Yoga targets and applies moderate stress to the connective tissues, (ligaments, tendons, fascia, bones, and joints) of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

Yoga Tune Up®: Is about body awareness and movement. It allows you the student to be aware of your body and how it moves in your daily life. You will appreciate your body instead of trying to fit into some misconceived notion of what you should look like or be; you will learn to live better in your body. This practice will improve your overall strength, flexibility and coordination.

Thai Yoga Massage: Combines the advantages of a restorative yoga class with the healing benefits of massage. A graceful choreography, the practitioner and the person who receives the massage, perform a series of postures using fluid, smooth movements. You are able to relax and let go as you are taken through passive stretches and rhythmic massage techniques given with intention and metta (spirit of loving kindness). Thai Yoga Massage is wonderful for athletes, yogis as well as those who may consider themselves not-so-flexible. Thai sessions are done on mats on the floor and you should wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. Thai Yoga Massage brings balance and harmony to the entire body.

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